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Survey: World’s 20 Worst Cities For Commuting

Mexico City traffic


We’ve all been stuck in a traffic jam from time to time. Whether you’re rushing to get to work, you really have to go to the bathroom, or you just want to get home after a long day, there is absolutely no way to put a positive spin on traffic. Heavy traffic stinks, in the absolute worst way, and for some reason they never seem to show it in the car ads.

As the population continues to grow, more work commuters clog up roads day in and day out. If you thought your work commute was bad, some of the statistics in the IBM “commuter pain” survey might just make you a little more grateful for your commute… or cringe in understanding if your city is listed as one of the worst in the world.

By using a speedometer graphic, IBM has ranked the emotional and economic toll of 20 city commutes around the world. The index consists of 10 issues: Commuting time, time stuck in traffic, agreement that the price of gas is already too high, traffic has gotten worse, start-stop traffic is a problem, driving causes stress, driving causes anger, traffic affects work, traffic has become so bad driving stopped, and trips have not been taken due to traffic.

These are the top (or is that bottom?) 20 cities, from most painful to least painful:

  1. Mexico city
  2. Shenzhen
  3. Beijing
  4. Nairobi
  5. Johannesburg
  6. Bangalore
  7. New Delhi
  8. Moscow
  9. Milan
  10. Singapore
  11. Buenos Aires
  12. Los Angeles
  13. Paris
  14. Madrid
  15. New York City
  16. Toronto
  17. Stockholm
  18. Chicago
  19. London
  20. Montreal

While the study shows many commuters believe traffic congestion is on the decline, they are more likely to complain that traffic has increased their personal anger and stress levels.

If you have a tough commute, you could attempt to make your drive a little more bearable by doing things like breathing properly, relaxing a little before you leave, and putting on a podcast or your favorite music. While it’s nearly impossible to multitask while driving, releasing endorphins while jamming out is a decent way to relieve stress. Another stress reliever is to allow yourself a pleasureful indulgence while you’re on the road.

Do you have a dreadful commute? What do you do while driving that allows you to relax and prevent road rage?

Via Discovery
Image CC licensed by Zane Edwards: Mexico City traffic

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