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Lab-Grown Meat May Only Be Six Months Away

Fictional lab-grown meat

Meat without slaughter may be closer than you might think. According to New Scientist, lab grown meat could be a reality in as little as six months. A Netherlands researcher has been working with pig cells, finding a way to grow muscle tissue in the lab while feeding the cells a special blend of horse fetal serum.

The tissue was grown in muscle-like strips, which were put through a type of “exercise” each day while they were held down by velcro, then stretched so the tissues received similar stress to an animal muscle.

The tissue was still pale in comparison to animal meat, due mostly to the fact that there is no blood flow to give it the meaty color we are used to seeing. Researchers are working on adding a protein to the tissue that would give it a color similar to animal meat.

The taste is still unknown because by law, nobody is allowed to consume it yet. Any chance one of the researchers tasted it when no one was looking?

Would you eat lab-grown meat? This could combat large, controversial issues such as animal cruelty and the significant impact of livestock farming on the environment. If some of the world began eating lab-grown meat on a regular basis, it could help to fight climate change and add to the welfare of animals.

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Image CC licensed by Fabrice de Nola: Fictional lab-grown meat for sale

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