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Poll: More Americans Leaving Climate Change Skepticism Behind

Thermometer – 110 degrees

In common sense news, a new poll shows the percentage of Americans who are coming off the bandwagon of climate change skepticism has increased in the past year. These opinions follow one of the warmest summers in U.S. history, as well as heated debate among Republican presidential candidates. (Sadly, I don’t think Michele Bachmann has jumped from the bandwagon).

In the Reuters/Ipsos poll between September 8th to 12th, 83% of responses said they believe the climate is getting warmer. The number was at 75% last year. 71% believe humans are at least partly to blame, while 27% say it is more a result of natural causes.

Stanford University Professor Jon Krosnick says the weather of the past summer, particularly the manic heat waves, regional droughts and contradictory flooding is contributing to the change in public opinion. He also believes the banter between Republican presidential candidates, particularly those who are attacking climate change studies, are leading more Americans to think about climate change and whether or not these crazy scientists are actually on to something.

The real question is, how much more will nature have to throw in our face to show the rest of the skeptics that climate change is a real and threatening issue? Hopefully it won’t be long before climate change prevention becomes a way of life rather than a controversial political topic.

Image CC licensed by Liz West: 110 degrees during a heat wave

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