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Do You Like Your Bikes Electric And Powerful?

Stealth electric bike

If you like your bikes electric and powerful, this may be the one for you. Australian electric bike maker Stealth will soon unveil a new model, the Hurricane.

The company describes its products as “bikes on steroids”. With the Hurricane reaching a top speed of 50 mph (in competition-mode), while maintaining the relative quietness of 65 DB, that might not be too far off. Stealth claims its bikes are the toughest and most powerful hybrid electric bikes available anywhere in the world.

There is no word on Hurricane pricing as yet, but we can expect it to be pricey. The previous stealth Fighter and Bomber retail for around $7,900 and $9,900 respectively. Yikes. But if you’re into the adrenaline rush of extreme (electric) biking, perhaps you think it’s well worth the price?

Via Earth Techling

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