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German Fashion Designer Develops Clothing Fiber Made From Milk

Milk sculpture

A fashion designer from Hanover, Germany is creating clothing made from an everyday grocery item: milk. Anke Domaske has created a fabric called QMilch, made from high concentrations of casein, a milk protein.

Domaske says “it feels like silk and doesn’t smell — you can wash it just like anything else.”

Domaske’s fashion label, Mademoiselle Chi Chi, has begun weaving the milk fiber into collection pieces. The clothes are made from a combination of various fibers, but there are plans for an entire part of the collection to be made entirely from QMilch.

Milk protein isn’t actually a new phenomenon. Apparently it has been around since the 1930s, but has not been produced in such an ecologically friendly way. Previously, production has involved the use of various chemicals. QMilch is different because it’s made almost entirely from casein.

To make the fabric, casein is extracted from milk powder and heated up in a machine with other natural ingredients. It comes out in strands and goes to a spinning machine, where it is spun into yarn. It is expected to take about 6 liters of milk to produce one entire dress, at a cost of about 150 to 200 euros.

If you are wondering about durability, the molecules bind in a way that doesn’t allow the protein to decompose, so your milk protein-derived outfit will not come with an expiration date like milk does.

Would you wear a dress or shirt made entirely from milk?
Image CC licensed by Tambako The Jaguar: milk scupture

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