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Using Google Maps To Green-Up Your Routes

Google cycling directions

Whether you’re looking to get from Point A to Point B via bike, car or bus, Google Maps is what so many of us rely on in order to find the fastest, safest and shortest route. While it might get you through rush hour or a weekend bike ride in one piece, did you know it’s also possible to lower your carbon footprint with Google Maps? There are several simple ways to find the greenest route from one destination to the next.

In The Car: Save time and gas money by clicking on Traffic in the top right corner of Google Maps to view traffic conditions in real-time. Drag and adjust your route until it turns green. Save paper by using the Send-To-Car feature or the Send-To-GPS feature, compatible with more than 10 GPS brands and 20 vehicles. If you’ve already converted to an electric vehicle, simply type in “ev charging station in [your city]” to find the closest place to charge up.

On Your Bike: A bike commute is always the greener alternative, and replacing one or more of your trips a day with a bike is a great way to save money and get a workout in, too. Google Maps offers biking directions, along with exactly how long it will take you to arrive according to road conditions and traffic. It also shows three alternative routes as well as the weather, allowing you to prepare accordingly if rain is going to hit. Biking directions are also available on your mobile phone in case you’re heading back and there’s an obstruction, allowing you to quickly find a new route in just a few clicks.

On The Bus: Google Transit is available to millions of people via the web and mobile phones. Find bus and train routes from one city, state or country to the next, and compare the cost of driving versus public transportation below your route. Customize your departure and arrival times and Google Transit will help calculate the most affordable and efficient route with the least amount of transfers. Live transit updates allow you to keep track of your ride and whether or not it’s on schedule.

You don’t have to completely change the way you travel to make it more environmentally friendly. With just a few clicks in Google Maps you can find the fastest, safest and most affordable route, whether you’re headed out on your bike, in your car, or on the bus.

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Image: Google Maps: Google cycling directions

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