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Great Scott! All-Electric DeLorean To Be Launched in 2013

De Lorean

So this is what time-travel geeks do in their spare time.

If you’re a fan of the DeLorean, featured in the Back to the Future series, your mind is going to be blown in 2013. You’ll be able to buy an electric DeLorean of your very own, well, for a pretty penny that is (about $90-$100k).

Unfortunately, it won’t time-travel, won’t have a flux-capacitor, and it will still be the original 30-year-old design. However, the vehicle will still have all the horsepower DeLorean originally intended. The DeLorean will have a 200+ bhp electric motor.

The current DeLorean Motor Company was started by Texas entrepreneur Stephen Wynne in 1995 after acquiring the name and leftover parts, creating about 40 whole DeLorean’s from the spare parts.

At an International DeLorean Owners Event in Houston, the company announced the new electric De Lorean.

“Now we are working with electric-car startup Epic EV to put an all-electric DMC-12 into production by 2013”, said the announcement on the DeLorean web site.

In related news, an original DeLorean machine used in the movie is headed to auction in December. It’s expected to pull in about $400,000 to $600,000!

Would you like to own one of these newer souped-up DeLoreans?

Via Gizmag
Image CC licensed by Mark Fosh: An original De Lorean

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