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Thick Haze Of Pollution Over Eastern China [Sat Images]

Smog haze over China

Check out these incredible and quite alarming NASA satellite images of thick smog blanketing the coastal plain of eastern China. The images were taken between October 7 and 18 2011, so the polluting haze has stayed over the region for over a week.

A approximately 100 kilometer long cloud of haze drifts to the south-east of Beijing, extending along the shores of Bo Hai to the Yellow Sea.

NASA has said that the thick haze is most likely caused by urban and industrial pollution, and possibly also smoke from agricultural fires. In places the haze is thick enough to obscure the view of sea surface and coastline.

Images like this are certainly more proof that humans are more than capable of having an impact on the Earth on a large scale.

Haze over China

Smog haze over China

Image: NASA Earth Observatory

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