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Fox News Coverage Of Clean Energy Leaves A Lot To Be Desired [Video]

No surprises with this one. Fox News’ obvious bias against the increased development and funding of renewable energy technologies is pretty apparent in this video compilation. As Mediamatters points out, Fox comes down heavily on the side of the fossil fuel industry, time and time again.

Fox repeatedly pushes the line that clean energy such as solar doesn’t work and isn’t up to the job, and will never be. Some commentators even go so far as to say that they whole heartedly support government subsidies for fossil fuels, over subsidies for renewable energy development.

Although there is little doubt that they are preaching to the unconverted in terms of the benefits of clean energy development, it’s still disturbing to see this line being pushed out from a corporation that should, and does, know better.

There’s plenty of evidence that solar in particular works, is getting cheaper and more powerful, and will gain significant ground over the coming years – whether commentators at Fox News like it or not. In addition, there are also some pretty big and successful companies getting involved in renewable energy these days. That’s a sure sign that renewable energy has a bright future.

It’s a losing battle Fox News. Time to give it up.

Via Mediamatters

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