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Little Blue Penguins Freed After Rescue From Oil Spill In New Zealand

Blue penguin

Well here’s a good news story, and of the cute variety too.

The following video shows 60 little blue penguins, rescued and cleaned up after the ongoing Rena oil spill just off the coast of New Zealand, being released back to the wild – and there are more to come later.

Alex van Wijngaarden, from Maritime New Zealand, says the release of the first birds has been eagerly anticipated by the oil spill response team. And as you can see from the video, it was quite the local event.

“We’re thrilled to have reached the point where we can begin releasing these birds back into the wild, where they belong.”

Before the penguins were freed they went through a six hour swim without a break, which tested their waterproofing and fitness. Each bird has also been microchipped.

Seems like that are all good to go. Free again!

Video: WWF-New Zealand
Image CC licensed by Crazy Creatures: blue penguin

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