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Octopus Crawls Out Of The Sea And Walks On Land [Video]

Well here’s something you don’t see every day. Vistors to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in California were more than a little surprised to witness this octopus crawling right out of the water and over land!

Incredibly, this behavior is apparently not uncommon, just not seen and uploaded to YouTube very often. Octopuses as notoriously and perhaps rather wisely shy.

According to the journal Science, octopuses were the first animals without a hard skeleton known to walk on two limbs. They have been known to walk on two arms (underwater), while using their other six arms to camouflage themselves as plants. It’s not a bad way to hide from predators looking for more usual octopus-like movements.

Some octopuses have even been known to use capture nets like trampolines, leaping off and making a run for it. After escaping captivity, they’ve been found on carpets, on bookshelves, in a teapot, and in different aquarium tanks from where they were placed, usually eating fish. Clever octopuses.

Apart from that, the walking behavior has been known to thrill the tourists!

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