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Climate Change Is Already Harming Quality Beer Production

New Belgium craft beer

Oh no, climate change is already starting to hurt quality beer!

We’ve recently pointed out how Starbucks says climate change is already threatening coffee crops around the world. Now a major craft beer brewer in Colorado and the third largest in the U.S, New Belgium Brewery, has reported that they think they are already experiencing the impacts of climate change.

Colorado produces more beer than any other state in the U.S., so the impacts of climate change on beer production are likely to of concern in the state from here on in. Sustainability director Jenn Orgolini from the brewery has said,

“This is not a problem that’s going to happen someday, and this is not a problem that’s just going to impact some industries. If you drink beer now, the issue of climate change is impacting you right now.”

Higher prices for raw materials and products that are getting more scarce, such as specialty hops, are among the current problems for the brewery.

Craft beer brewers in particular are said to be most at risk, as their product is deeply tied to specialized agricultural products, the variability of the seasons, the productivity of the land, and water.

It’s not only in the United States that the impacts of climate change are going to be felt on beer production. In the Czech Republic, the quality and yield of Saaz hops has been found to be declining. The production of malting barley in New Zealand and Australia are also expected to decline in coming years.

And what’s more, climate change is expected to significantly impact the production of wine and chocolate as well. Coffee, chocolate, wine and now beer. This is not looking good. Not good at all.

Via Thinkprogress
Image CC licensed by Paul Swansen: New Belgium craft beer Folly Pack

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