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Christmas Tree Recycling, ‘Treecycling,’ Is A Growing Trend

Christmas tree recycling

If you’d normally just toss your Christmas tree into the yard to decompose after the holidays are over (that is, if you’re not one of the people leaving it up until March), consider upcycling your tree as a greener, smarter alternative. With 33 million trees sold in the U.S. each year, these renewable resources can be valuable asset in the name of environmentalism.

“Treecycling” has been a growing trend in many cities, but many families who put up a real Christmas tree every year don’t realize they can do more than just toss it out back. Recycled trees are commonly used for mulch, habitat creation, erosion protection, shoreline stabilization, and wood chips to create electricity.

As the phenomenon grows, more and more cities and communities are offering treecycling programs. Earth911’s Treecycle Program makes it easy help you find a place treecycle nearby. Curbside pickup, consumer drop-off locations and even DIY recycling and upcycling projects can all be found on the site.

Ready to take it a step further for next Christmas? Our friends at Earth911 also provide a list of farms and companies who support sustainable tree-growing practices, offering transparency and information on how their trees are grown and what they’re doing in the name of environmental awareness.

How do you typically dispose of your Christmas tree? Is there a treecycling program available in your city?

Image CC licensed by Dean Jarvey: Christmas Tree Recycling, Calgary

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