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Sea Shepherd Uses Military-Style Drones To Find Japan’s Whaling Fleet

Sea Shepherd cap

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is going to new, more technologically-savvy lengths in an attempt to stop Japan’s annual whale hunt in Antarctic waters. The environmental group has used military-style drones to find and photograph the whaling fleet.

According to founder Paul Watson, the ship was found west of Perth, Australia, and there are plans to chase them as they head south over the next few days.

Cameras and detection equipment are attached to the drone, allowing the Sea Shepherd to monitor whaling activity from a distance. These annual attempts have been largely criticized by other governments and environmentalists, but they are also fueled by a large number of supporters. Some have contributed to the cost of the two drones.

Whaling has been banned around the world since 1986, but Japan uses the thin veil of “scientific purposes” to fuel yearly whale hunts that allow them to capture specific numbers each year.

Has the Sea Shepherd group gone too far, or is this justifiable in the name of ridding the world of such senseless cruelty?

Image CC licensed by Newtown grafitti: Sea Shepherd cap

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