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Russian Firefighters Submerge Nuclear Submarine To Control Huge Fire

Russian firefighters have reportedly submerged a nuclear submarine at a navy shipyard to control an onboard fire, after hours of attempting to control the blaze from boats and helicopters.

Russian authorities have said there has been no radiation leak from the vessel, and the fire has been localized. The Russian Emergencies Ministry has said radiation levels are normal and nobody has been hurt. The nuclear reactor has not been damaged. Efforts to submerge the submarine have apparently reduced the intensity of the fire.

The submarine was in the Roslyakovo shipyard dock for repairs at the time of the fire. It has been reported that the fire may have started when wooden scaffolding caught fire while welding was being carried out.

TV footage has showed smoke rising from the shipyard, which is in the Murmansk area of northern Russia. More than one hundred firefighters were involved, and witnesses have said the flames rose 10 meters (30 feet) above the sub.

Authorities have said the nuclear reactor had been shut down before repairs began, and weapons had been taken off the vessel. The submarine is capable of launching intercontinental ballistic missiles. The sub can carry 16 ballistic missiles, each with 4 warheads.

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