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Tourist Gets Chance Grooming From Wild Mountain Gorillas [Video]

Exactly as the title suggests, in an amazing and quite touching piece of video footage (that has gone viral), a tourist visiting a camp near Bwindi National Park in Uganda has an unexpected encounter with wild mountain gorillas.

In the video, a troop of baby and adult gorillas comes right up to the man, John. J. King ll. The gorillas sit with him, some touch him gently, and begin to groom him. It’s clearly a thrilling experience.

No doubt these particular gorillas are pretty used to having humans not too far away, but it’s still remarkable they are willing to do that.

According to National Geographic, mountain gorillas are endangered; only around 800 still exist in the wild. Somewhat encouragingly, this number is said to be growing. The population in Bwindi numbes about 300.

Mr King was very fortunate to have an encounter with gorillas like this, and I’m sure it’s an experience he’ll treasure for the rest of his life.

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