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Update: FDA Bans Use Of Some Antibiotics In Animal Products


Recently, we reported that the Food and Drug Administration announced they would withdraw any restrictions on antibiotic use in meat and dairy products. However, it now appears the health regulators may have come to its senses and decided to implement some restrictions rather than taking their voice out entirely.

The FDA has issued an order that will ban cephalosporin, a popular group of antibiotics that has been used in swine, cattle, chickens, and turkeys that are harvested for food consumption.

These antibiotics are commonly used to treat people with pneumonia, skin, and soft tissue infections, and widespread use in food products could lead to resistance in humans. Resistance to antibiotics may lead to prolonged or increased illness and infection.

While this is a good step, do you think more work needs to be done? As more and more grocery stores begin to sell and promote the consumption of antibiotic-free meat, do you think farmers and the FDA may eventually work together to create more restrictions if popularity picks up? After all, it is all about money, isn’t it?

Image CC licensed by U.S. Department of Agriculture. Photo by Ryan Thompson

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