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American Meat Consumption Has Dropped 12 Percent Since 2007

US meat consumption

It’s no secret that, on the whole, Americans aren’t known for making wise, environmentally-friendly food choices, but a CME Group report has some interesting predictions after observing U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts. According to data in the report, “Americans will consume 12.2% less meat and poultry in 2012 than they did in 2007.”

Three reasons for lower amounts of meat consumption include higher costs due to rising feed prices, growing exports, and the development of government policies. More Americans could also be influenced by some other startling realities that have come to light in regard to meat consumption.

As Forbes has pointed out, the Consumers Union has noted that lax governmental standards have allowed plants that have repeatedly failed safety standards and inspections, due to such issues as meat that was “visibly contaminated with feces”, to continue distributing products. Policy also allows cattle to eat feed contaminated with blood or waste from other cattle, which can increase the risk of mad cow disease.

So how’s that double meat patty burger sound now?

The American Heart Association has also been behind research about meat eating, noting that if you do insist on eating meat, it’s good to stick to one six-ounce portion of lean meat, skinless chicken, or fish a day. If you’re reading this and flipping your lid over protein, (“BUT WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN?”, as my mother would ask), try more beans. They’re cholesterol-free and a good protein choice.

If you’re not ready to fully contribute to the declining rate of meat eating, you could take baby steps. Why not try out a Meatless Monday and see how it feels? A meatless diet may not be as meek and bland as you think, and one day a week isn’t a big deal.

Have you cut down on your meat consumption in recent years? If not, does knowing that U.S. meat consumption is declining make it more likely that you might cut down yourself?

via Forbes
Total Meat And Poultry Consumption Graph via CME Group

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