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SOPA PIPA: Senators ‘Rushing For The Exits’ After Internet Blackout

Google SOPA protest

Well played internets. In the wake of the internet ‘blackout’ awareness protest of the U.S. anti-piracy bills by sites from Wikipedia to Wired to Reddit, some co-sponsors of the legislation in Congress have said they are now withdrawing their support.

Ars Technica is reporting that members of the Senate are “rushing for the exits in the wake of the internet’s unprecedented protest” of the Protect IP (PIPA) legislation. At least 13 of the upper chamber are reported to have announced their withdrawal of support on Wednesday.

At least 5 were previous sponsors of the PIPA bill. 11 out of 13 of the senators who newly oppose the legislation are Republicans. A similar theme of being opposed to rushing through flawed legislation emerged from the swath of new announcements. Funny, that.

Wikipedia blackout page

Internet giant Google, after asking its users to sign a petition protesting the 2 flawed anti-piracy bills, has said that a massive 4.5 million people in the U.S. have added their names. No wonder more senators are suddenly heading for the exits on this issue. Google placed a link from its search homepage to the petition, stating that fighting online piracy is important, but the SOPA and PIPA bills would be ineffective.

Let’s hope Congress comes to its senses and really thinks this thing through now. It seems that many people of the internet would like to keep it open and democratic, distributed and democratic, and without the possibility of censorship and control from any government, and quite rightly so. It’s a worthy and essential goal, and it’s going to affect all of us online, no matter what country we happen to live in.

Feature image: Google online petition page.
Image insert: Wikipedia blackout splash page.

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