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NASA Video: Strongest Solar Storm In Years Captured

Solar flare

NASA has captured the biggest solar storm since 2005 on video. In a recent post, we reported that the solar storm is creating spectacular auroras this week on Earth.

The video is from January 22, when NASA says the Sun erupted with an M8.7 class solar flare, a coronal mass ejection (CME), and a burst of protons known as a “solar energetic particle event”. NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center has said that it’s this event that has caused the strong solar radiation storm to hit Earth.

NASA’s Solar Heliospheric Observatory captured the CME in this video. The static that can be seen at the end of the video is caused by the solar particles being ejected from the Sun at great speed.

Video courtesy of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Image courtesy of NASA’s Earth Observatory

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