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NASA Releases Blue Marble 2012: ‘Most Amazing HD Image Of Earth Ever’

Earth – Blue Marble

NASA has released a new Blue Marble image of Earth. NASA says it’s the “most amazing, highest resolution image of Earth ever”.

Below is the iconic original version of Blue Marble from 1972, which was captured by the crew of Apollo 17 on the way to the Moon.

The 2012 version of Blue Marble was created using data from NASA’s new Suomi NPP satellite, which was launched last October. The data for the composite image was gathered from several passes around Earth on January 4, 2012. The satellite orbits Earth 14 times a day.

The impressive Suomi NPP satellite will collect weather forecasting data, and help climate scientists to more fully understand climate change.

In you really want to appreciate the detail of Blue Marble Earth image in all its glory, the full resolution image, coming in at a massive 8000 x 8000 pixels, can be downloaded from the ‘All sizes’ section of image on the NASA Goddard flickr stream. It’s really quite something to behold.

Earth - Blue Marble original

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