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Heat-Seeking Robot Absorbs Warmth, Stores It, Then Shares It With You


Meet HAGENT, your very own portable, heat-seeking, heat-absorbing, heat storing, and heat emitting robot.

Well at least that could be the case in the not–to–distant–future, if Andreas Meinhardt and Daniel Abendroth have anything to do with it. HAGENT is a portable, passive heating concept and prototype developed by these two enterprising German designers.

Onboard heat sensors enable HAGENT to seek out sources of heat, which are then absorbed and stored using “phase change material” (PCM). The robot can then release the stored heat energy in places where you need it most, when you need it.

For instance, Hagent could obediently sit in front of a burning fireplace, the sun, or other heat source, absorbing some of the excess heat emitted, then move to a colder area in need of more heat. Handy, considering we often tend not to heat a whole home in winter at the same time. If we do, at least some of the area heated might not be used. It could be good for some small offices, too.

Is this something you could see a use for in your own life during those chilly winters? There certainly seems to be potential there to save on electricity bills by not wasting heat, or even to have that extra boost of heat when and where you need it.

via CNET
Concept image: Daniel Abendroth

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