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Lucy Lawless (Xena) Climbs Shell Arctic Oil-Drilling Ship To Protest

Lucy Lawless

Actor, eco-warrior, and mother (as stated on her Twitter bio) Lucy Lawless, aka Xena Warrior Princess, has climbed aboard a Shell oil-drilling ship in protest of upcoming Arctic oil drilling. Lawless joined other Greenpeace activists in New Zealand to scale the ship’s drilling tower.

According to Greenpeace, the group of activists is trying to stop the ship from leaving New Zealand for the Arctic. They are equipped with enough gear to stay on the top of the drilling tower for days.

According to an earlier phone interview Lucy gave to TMZ, they know they are going to be arrested, and have no quarrel with the New Zealand police. They have already been informed they will be under arrest and that they should come down from the tower. A police inspector has said the protesters are “clearly breaking the law by trespassing on the ship”, but safety is their primary concern. It’s a 50 metre (164 foot) tower

Lawless also stated, “I don’t do this stuff. I’m just a mother, you know, but I feel like I don’t have a choice in the matter, that time is running out, and we have to stop the most dire effects of climate change…. When the banner was down, when the helicopter was overhead, I gave more than one Xena war cry”, which she then proceeded to do again during the interview.

A Shell spokesperson has been reported as saying that the company is disappointed Greenpeace has chosen this method to protest. Greenpeace says the protestors plan to stay until Shell agrees to stay out of the Arctic.

Greenpeace is asking supporters to take action by using this form to send an email to demand that Shell calls a halt to its plans to drill for oil in the Arctic. Over 30 thousand emails have been sent already. As you can see from the image above, the campaign is also using the Twitter hashtag #SaveTheArctic.

Do you think this is a good form of protest, and do you support a ban on drilling for oil in the Arctic?

Did you know drilling for oil in the previously unexploited Arctic was now on oil companies’ agendas? For more on the subject, see our recent post: The Great Arctic Oil Race: Northern Countries Exploit Ice-Free Arctic.


Image credit: Greenpeace

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