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USDA To Purchase 7 Million Pounds Of Pink Slime For School Lunches

School lunch

If you’re craving some pink slime after finding out various fast food chains are cutting the ammonium-infested product out of their ingredients, just head to school with your kid. As it turns out, the USDA is apparently going to be purchasing 7 million pounds of pink slime over the next several months to infest your children’s school lunches.

Despite protests by microbiologists and workers for the Food Safety Inspection Service, the USDA has determined pink slime is safe and there is no hazard to using it for the national school lunch program.

So-called pink slime is the ground beef additive made from beef scraps and connective tissues. It’s treated with ammonia and used to bulk up ground beef products. If that’s not disturbing enough, ammonia isn’t even listed on the labeling due to lax standards. So basically, there’s no easy way to tell whether or not this crap is in the product mix.

It’s sad when we’ve come to a day and age where you’re probably better off serving your kids McDonald’s or Taco Bell as opposed to school lunch products. It’s always nice to see the USDA really is looking out for our best interest, isn’t it?

via TheDaily
Image CC licensed by Ben+Sam: School lunch

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