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Electric Cars: Chevy Volt Sales Doubled In March

Chevy Volt

After temporarily suspending production of the Chevy Volt, American automaker GM has seen record sales of the electric vehicle, with numbers more than doubling in the month of March.

GM sold 2,289 Volts last month, up from 1,023 in February and only 608 a year ago in March 2011. That’s a 277% increase in just one year. The Volt even outsold Chevy’s Avalanche pick-up truck and Corvette sports car last month.

Increasing gas prices are likely one reason why people are beginning to favor plug-in vehicles, along with the fact that California residents can automatically use the HOV lanes if they drive a fuel efficient vehicle. Since the Volt carries a gasoline engine, it’s also an easy transition from a traditional automobile, appearing a bit less intimidating to those who are skeptical about making the switch. It also extinguishes any ‘range anxiety’ that may exist.

While the Volt has had its fair share of safety concerns and politically motivated criticism that turned out to be inaccurate, it seems likely that GM will see some positive sales numbers this year. The company backed down from their overly generous goal of 45,000 sales in 2012 after a slow 2011, but if March’s sales figures are any indication, 25,000 Volt sales this year isn’t all that unlikely.

This could be a promising year for Detroit and the US auto industry, especially if positive reviews and attention are brought forth as a result of this bump in sales.

Do you drive a Volt or other another plug-in vehicle? Are you considering buying one in the future?

via Autoblog
Image CC licensed by DrivingtheNortheast: Chevy Volt

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