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New Research Finds Chickens Fed Caffeine, Prozac, Arsenic…

BBQ chicken

A new study researching the types of chemicals fed to the chickens we eat is alarming enough to make even the most devout meat eaters cringe.

While it’s already recognized that chickens are sometimes fed arsenic, this new research has also found a cocktail of drugs such as banned antibiotics, Prozac, and caffeine. The researchers originally began testing the chickens just for banned antibiotics, but expanded to look for other substances because it didn’t cost more to do. The results even had their minds blown.

The researchers tested the chicken’s feathers, which accumulate traces of chemicals similar to how human nails or hair strands do. They found small traces of caffeine, acetominophen, antihistamines, arsenic, and even Prozac in chickens imported from China. They also found fluroquinolones, an antibiotic that’s banned due to its overuse helping to cause antibiotic resistant superbugs.

Prozac was apparently fed to chickens because the more stress a chicken has, the tougher its meat will be. The brutal and harsh environments of factory farms often leave chickens nervous and distressed. These chickens were also fed green tea powder and coffee pulp to help them stay awake longer so they eat more food and plump up faster.

It seems to me that if you don’t want to consume these things, go for organic chicken, but the best plan might be to give up chicken altogether!

Do findings like this tend to impact your food choices?

via NYTimes

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