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NASA Visualizes The Whole World’s Ocean Currents [Video]

World’s ocean currents visualization – NASA

NASA has released an impressive video animation visualizing the whole world’s ocean currents. The video, titled Perpetual Ocean, shows the surface currents of the oceans from June 2005 to December 2007.

It’s amazing to see these extensive flows of water, beyond what we can normally see with our own eyes; that is, the tide moving in and out, waves rolling in and breaking on the shore, and some very strong surface currents if we’re lucky.

The video was generated by NASA’s ECCO2 project, which is a modelling, analysis and prediction project that estimates the circulation and climate of the ocean. This of course is aimed at better understanding changes in the oceans and their place in global climate change. Important work, to say the least.

The white lines in the video are surface currents. What strikes me is the large amount of whirlpool-like currents in the Earth’s oceans. I had no idea.

The embedded video in only a 1 min 30 sec clip of the full 20 min HD video, which is available on the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center site, here.

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