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Thousands Of Dolphins Found Dead In Peru, Sonic Blasts Suspected

In an occurrence that has scientists and environmentalists baffled, more than 3,000 dolphins have been found dead on Peru beaches this year.

Carlos Yaipen Llanos, science director for the Organizacion Cientifica para Conservacion de Animales Acuaticos (ORCA), believes powerful sonic waves caused by oil exploration ships could have caused internal damage to dolphins.

When a few hundred dolphins washed onto shore in February, the main hypothesis was that the dolphins had consumed toxic fish. Testing was unable to confirm this claim. The next hypothesis Llanos believes is that “sonic blasts” created by acoustic testing can cause loss of equilibrium and internal bleeding. If that was the case, it was likely the dolphins suffered a prolonged and agonizing demise.

The United States has put a halt to similar acoustic testing in the event it is the cause of so many dolphin deaths.

via HuffPost

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  • Turtle

        The problem is much larger and more than we can explain to you in a few sentences. Those dolphins and birds died off because of gaps in a our atmosphere done by the governments doing testing call HARP the tests  are atmospheric control system by points of geometric decompression, the gaps are artificial and the dolphins and animals as well as marine fish are bombarded by solar radiation and are being cooked internally, it is literally invisible and undetectable as it has no witness and no visible marks. These  tests are called HARP…discover it and look it up. The seas are the target of HARP as it it is 80% o the planet and can be done almost anywhere. This is part of a government cover up and tests done by them. Dont believe anything else. This is all on the heels of what is to come that has been inline for thousands of years as the planet enters it’s sixth cycle, which can not be stopped. Love your family, love your self, do what you can, enjoy life, don’t fight and waste time with stupid stuff. the time is very near and NWO will take control which you and I cannot stop. Religion has nothing to do with this, there is not faith you can put your future in and this is part of the final agenda to the take over of the planet the government have been making underground cities and shelters. Aliens are not bad, the are us, they created us, they created civilization and have been in touch since 1947 with this current human race, we did not land on the moon, we did not even go there, we would have been killed instantly with the radiation belt around the earth which deflects the suns harsh rays. Believe what you want, but soon when it starts to happen and you weren’t warned and warned to enjoy life as it is special that you are here and have a small time to enjoy and lie life. All you have to do is small research and open your mind to that we did not just happen by a apple, a woman and a snake and woman was not created from mans rib cage. Religion is used to control the mass people, Aliens are not evil or bad, they a here to help, and the are helping us to live forever while the planet goes into peril but is re birthed to a new.Take care and love your neighbor and do something good in life. What you have told about most things in life is a complete lie and deception. You  can’t all be that small/closed mined that you don’t really see whats going on? Il se you on the other side my friend.