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Majority Of Americans Link Extreme Weather To Climate Change: Survey

Mississippi River flooding – 2011

A new study suggests that now Americans are feeling significant weather changes at home, more and more are starting to realize climate change isn’t a far–fetched or far–off situation.

According to the report (PDF file) by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications and George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change Communication, a survey found  that an astounding 82% of respondents said they had experienced at least one extreme weather event over the past year, and 32% said they were harmed either moderately or a great deal as a result.

A majority of respondents said they also believed the events were a result of climate change. 72% said their region had unusually high temperatures this past winter, 70% experienced record-breaking heat last summer, 69% noted the droughts throughout Oklahoma and Texas last year, and 63% noted the Mississippi River floods during spring of last year. 52% of the group said they believe weather in the United States is getting worse and more extreme, while only 22% said they think it’s getting better.

These numbers are pretty indicative of how we’re beginning to feel and experience more severe and intense weather as a result of climate change. It seems climate change is starting to be looked at as less and less of a “liberal hoax.” I guess Mother Nature had to eventually get her point across somehow, didn’t she?

Have you experienced any extreme weather in your region recently? How does it affect your feelings on climate change and what’s in store for the future?

via NYTimes
Image CC licensed by quillons: Mississippi River flooding, April 2011

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