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Poland To Ban Strain Of Monsanto Genetically Modified Corn

Field of corn, Poland

After protests by anti-GMO activists and beekeepers, the Ministry of Agriculture in the Polish Government is pushing for a complete ban on the MON810 strain of Monsanto’s GMO corn.

According to Minister of Agriculture Marek Sawicki, it is thought that pollen originating from this strain of maize could harm the bee population of the country, which is already in decline.

Back in March, 7 European countries blocked a proposal by the Danish EU presidency to permit the cultivation of genetically modified plants on the entire continent. France led the charge against GMOs, asking the European Commission to suspend authorization to Mosanto’s genetically modified corn. A French court also found the company guilty of chemical poisoning in a landmark case, in favor of a local farmer.

Poland is the latest country to put its foot down about genetically modified seeds. Hungary recently destroyed 1,000 acres of Monsanto GM corn, and India slammed the company with unprecedented biopiracy charges.

Do you think it’s a losing battle, or will these efforts by Europan nations to ban genetically modified corn succeed?

via Digitaljournal
Image CC licensed by Klearchos Kapoutsis: Field of corn, Poland

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