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James Hansen Explains Why He Must Be Outspoken About Climate Change

Climate scientist James Hansen

This video is well worth a watch, especially if you are not yet familiar with NASA climate scientist James Hansen and his work.

In the video, shot earlier this year for his TED Talk, James Hansen explains why he feels he must speak out at every opportunity about what he has found out about climate change. He starts off by posing the question: “What would you do, if you knew what I know?”

Hansen talks about his involvement in climate science over decades, and explains his understanding of the now overwhelming and clear evidence that climate change is happening.

He has said many times that he feels he has to try and make what he knows absolutely clear to as many people as possible, so in the future nobody can say he didn’t try as hard as he could to get the message across. He’s deeply concerned that the world is not yet doing enough to avert the disastrous climate outcome he can see ahead.

Image: snapshot from video

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  • Klem

    Um, he speaks out about climate change because he gets paid to, he is now a millionaire because of it. Funny he forgot to mention that part.

  • http://www.the9billion.com/ John Johnston

    There you go dismissing decades of meticulous scientific work with one cynical comment. Did you actually listen to what he said though?

  • http://twitter.com/pdeppisch Peter

     Never argue with a “committed” person!  They drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience! 
    The way they see it is: It is a choice between the economy, stupid, or global warming and the economy wins! 
    Of course that Wall Street and colluding politicians have already wrecked the economy is a minor detail.