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Donald Trump Demands Scotland Ditch ‘Ugly, Dangerous’ Wind Turbines

Donald Trump

It seems lately that Donald Trump is getting really good at making a fool out of himself by simply being Donald Trump.

Last week, the New York real estate tycoon sauntered into Scotland’s parliament to demand the country put an end to plans to build an offshore wind farm he worries will be ugly, noisy, and dangerous for wildlife. Oh, and will ruin the view at his new $1.2 billion golf resort set to open in July.

Trump totally didn’t barge in being condescending or anything, either.

“Scotland, if you pursue this policy of these monstrous turbines, Scotland will go broke,” he said. “They are ugly, they are noisy and they are dangerous. If Scotland does this, Scotland will be in serious trouble and will lose tourism to places like Ireland, and they are laughing at us.”

Trump claims he was reassured by Scottish leader Alex Salmond there would be no wind farms when he spent $7.2 million on the land for his new resort.

“I was lured into buying the site, after I had spent my money they came and announced the plan. At the time I bought the land I felt confident the wind farm was not going to happen.”

The funny part of all this is that Trump claims to know so much about the environment and the “negative” effects of wind farms, yet the golf course and resort he is opening was built on sand dunes despite protests from locals and environmentalists. The dunes were bulldozed in 2009, destroying the home of rare wading birds. But forget birds, wind farms are dangerous and ugly! He cares about the world, really he does.

While Trump claims he is an “expert on tourism” and knows for a fact the wind farms will destroy it, research performed by Scotland’s tourism agency showed 83% of UK visitors would not be turned off by the wind turbines.

It sounds like it’s time for Donald Trump to shut his mouth (and wallet) and open his mind.

via Business Week
Image CC licensed by Gage Skidmore: Donald Trump

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