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Supermoon: Biggest, Brightest Full Moon Of The Year This Saturday

Supermoon 2011

If you’re a nighttime sky-gazer, this Saturday is a night you won’t want to miss.

The biggest, brightest moon of the year, nicknamed a Supermoon, will officially become full this Saturday, May 5th at 11:35 p.m. EDT. It’s the closest the moon will be to Earth all year.

The moon will come in at around 221,802 miles from the Earth and be about 16% brighter than usual, offering one heck of a view that should not be missed, lack of cloud cover allowing.

If you’re preparing to head out and snap some photos of Supermoon, go just before moonrise or just before it sets on the horizon for the best effects. If you’re in the city, capture it rising among the buildings, or if you’re in a rural area, catch a view behind some trees for a remarkable effect that could look extraordinary. Wherever you are, you’re certainly going to want to document what you see.

The last Supermoon occurred March 2011. Will you be heading out this year to see the wonderful scene Mother Nature has in store for us?

via MNN.com
Image CC l icensed by Michael Rohani: Supermoon 2011

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