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Supermoon 2012 Was Super: Some Super Supermoon Images

Supermoon – Arizona

Following our post from last week, Supermoon: Biggest, Brightest Full Moon Of The Year This Saturday, here’s a quick look at some of the super supermoon images people captured during the spectacular lunar event.

As we said in that previous post, this was the biggest, brightest moon of the year. The event was caused by the moon being full at the point where it was also at its closest position to the Earth, or its perigree.  The moon was a mere 357,000 kilometers from the earth, which is apparently 27,000 fewer than the average distance. Consequently, the moon appeared 14% larger and 30% brighter than other full moons in 2012.

You may remember that a similar event happened last year, on March 19. Last year’s supermoon was a thousand kilometers nearer to the Earth, which was the closest in 18 years.

If you’re interested in knowing a little bit more about supermoons, watch NASA’s ‘ScienceCast ‘ video, embedded below.

Did you take any interesting images of  this year’s supermoon yourself? If so, please feel free to post a link to your images in the comments. We’d love to see them.

Supermoon -  Berkley California

Supermoon - Florida

Supermoon - Michigan

Supermoon - Fort Lauderdale Florida

Supermoon - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Supermoon - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Supermoon - Kentucky

All Images CC licensed and in order of appearance
Ken Bosma: Supermoon, Sonoita, Arizona
Daniel Parks: Basking in the light of the supermoon, north Berkley, California
John Spade: Supermoon, Floria
Kristymp: Supermoon, Michigan
John Spade: Supermoon, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
John Spade: Supermoon rising, Fort Lauderdale, Florida,
John Spade: Supermoon, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
David Kidd: Supermoon Louisville, Kentucky

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