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‘Ring Of Fire’ Solar Eclipse To Occur Sunday

Ring of fire eclipse

If you missed out on the Supermoon a few weekends ago, the solar system is giving parts of the Earth an opportunity to check out a rare “ring of fire” eclipse this Sunday.

This is the first eclipse of its kind to be visible from the United States since 1994. The moon will completely block out the sun except for a ring, known by scientists as an “annulus,” around the edge of the moon. The best view will be along the northern edge of California near Redding, Eureka, and the northern parts of Lake Tahoe and Sacramento.

A partial eclipse will also be noticeable from the rest of California. According to the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles will get a view of the moon blocking about 85% of the sun’s diameter.

According to NASA’s reports, the eclipse will begin at sunrise in southern China, pass over Hong Kong, then Taipei, Taiwan, and Tokyo before extending over the Pacific Ocean near the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. Sunlight will be almost completely blocked from Reno, the Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, and Lubbock, Texas.

NASA has set up a pretty awesome Google Map that shows what time the eclipse will begin and end at any point around the world, set according to “Coordinated Universal Time.” They also recommend using binoculars to project the eclipse onto a white card for viewing, because looking into the sun directly, even during an eclipse, can cause permanent eye damage.

Will you be able to see this annular eclipse from your corner of the world? If so, share your photos!

via LATimes

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