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Fearing Doomsday? Too Late. $2m Survival Condos In Kansas Sold Out!

Survival condo plan

If you’re starting to freak out about the Mayan apocalypse looming ahead of us, well, you’re out of luck. Every apartment in the Survival Condo, a converted nuclear ballistic silo in Kansas, is officially sold out at just $2 million each. There’s even a waiting list, because unfortunately there are more wealthy crazies out there than the people already sealed into the silo.

Who knows what trending paranoia has led people to buy these, whether it’s nuclear fallout, a zombie apocalypse, or doomsday, but developer Larry Hall has certainly tugged on their sanity levels as he turned the missile silo into luxury living spaces in preparation for the end of the world.

Survival Condo apartments

The Survival Condo will have enough food grown on-site, and purified well and rain water to safely keep 70 people in lockdown for years. To keep everyone happy and enjoying life (despite everything else in the world being dead?) he has also installed a movie theater, bar, pool, spa, and classrooms. Residential spaces feature jacuzzis, large HDTV panels, deluxe appliances, and simulated windows.

Wind turbines and a diesel generator power the homes, and in the event of a viral epidemic, there is a weapons cache, security camera system, and electric fence surrounding the place. So no, you won’t be able to sneak in as you’re trying to escape zombies.

There have been many other Atlas silos turned into homes around the United States, but Hall says this one is special because it’s the only one with the entire silo converted and modernized. The silo will be complete in 8 to 10 weeks, and he’s negotiating to build two or three more shelters in other silos.

Well, that’s good news! Maybe there’s still time for you to snatch one up. Then again, you’ll have to deal with the fact that all your neighbors believe the end of the world is almost here.

via CNET 
Images: Survival Condo

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