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Great Barrier Reef Under Severe Threat Due To Industrialization: UN

Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Right on the brink of World Oceans Day, some concerning news has surfaced about the Great Barrier Reef. The iconic world wonder has certainly faced its challenges, and now, it’s looking like these challenges are adding up to a disastrous result if action isn’t taken very soon.

According to a U.N. report, the reef is now under severe threat from industrial development and may be listed as a world heritage site “in danger” as soon as February of next year. Some of the pressure on the reef that has accumulated this danger includes liquefied natural gas facilities, extreme weather, coastal development, poor water quality, and grounding of ships.

The United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) says the Australian organizations in charge of the reef have high-quality practices to ensure its stability, but despite this, some parts of the reef have still suffered serious decline in quality. It doesn’t help that Queensland, the area surrounding the reef, is developing and industrializing at a rapid rate, and is a major coal exporter.

By the sounds of everything, the level of industrial activity and development have brought us to a point where it may be nearly impossible to revive the reef to full health. It’s also a great indication of how humans prioritize in favor of industrial activity, even in one of the most spectacular spots on the planet!

At what point do we put down the shovel and say “hey, maybe we need to step off and leave this the way it is now?” If we can’t even do it for the precious Great Barrier Reef, it doesn’t seem hopeful for anywhere else, does it?

Image CC licensed by Kyle Taylor: Great Barrier Reef

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