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Transit Of Venus Live [Video]

Transit of Venus  Live

The Transit of Venus across the sun is happening right now (unless you’ve arrived here too late!). The rare astronomical event will last for about seven hours and looks like our huge Sun has a small hole in it as the planet Venus moves between the Sun and the Earth.

Below are a couple of transit of Venus live video feeds. One is the NASA Live Stream. The other is a Google Hangout with roundtable discussion of the transit. Oh how things have changed since the last transit of Venus in 2004! Take a good look though, as the next one will not occur until 2117 – that’s 105 years.

Also, take a look at our recent post, Get Ready For The Transit Of Venus Across The Sun, about a few ways to see the transit from where you are in the world (besides on tv or the internet). It’s all cloudy where I am at the moment, so the web will have to do!

Feature Image courtesy of NASA

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