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Twitter Founders Invest In Vegan Meat Company

Beyond Meat

It’s no secret that Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams have been savvy entrepreneurs, and now, they’ve taken their investing skills to an interesting new level. The social media gurus have announced they will be backing vegan meat company Beyond Meat, and Stone, a long-time vegan, says he has a lot of faith in this product because it tastes and feels so “freakishly similar” to meat.

“The first reaction I had was, I know this is a meat analogue but if someone were to serve this to me in a restaurant I would have said ‘I think this is a mistake,’” explained Stone in an interview with Fast Company. “There’s something about the mouth-feel, the fattiness. It feels fatty and muscly and like it’s not good for you when you’re chewing it. For a long-time vegan, it’s a little bit freaky.”

That’s good to hear for vegetarians and vegans who really do miss meat and want a decent alternative. Most meat alternatives I’ve tried have been either extremely bland or extremely salty, so there haven’t been any brands I’ve ever had a desire to buy on the regular.

Beyond Meat, while it supposedly possesses all the qualities Stone describes, is still free of cholesterol and saturated fat and high in protein. So far, it sounds like one of the most effective ways to get meat-heavy societies to cut down on their consumption.

Beyond Meat uses a variety of ingredients to make items such as veggie chicken strips and beef crumbles. Some of their products do contain soy, an often controversial ingredient in the veggie world, but the company has noted that they plan to expand into using other forms of protein, even pea protein, to offer as much variety as possible to customers.

It will be interesting to see if the Twitter founders encourage more users to hop on the meatless wagon. Have you tried any meat substitutes? What are your favorites?

via Fast Coexist

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