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Nissan Leaf Finally Available In Australia, For AU$51,500

Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is finally being released Down Under, in Australia. The car has been available in the U.S. and Japan for a good 18 months. The rather hefty price tag is apparently $51,500. For those keeping track, that’s over US$52,300 at today’s exchange rate.

What’s more, in Australia there are currently no government incentives to help with the cost, like there are in the U.S. There used to be a rebate program, but it was canceled so money could be redirected to rebuilding after the serious flooding in Queensland. Let me note here that as far as I know, money wasn’t cut from fossil fuel subsidies to pay for the rebuild, or from coal mining operations, or anything of that nature. But I digress.

Nissan’s home charging partner in Australia is Origin. The company will apparently install 2 chargers for about AU$2,800 (US$2850). It’s also worth noting that about 80% of Australia’s grid electricity currently comes from coal-fired power plants, despite having some of the best conditions in the world for generating solar power. Having said that, no doubt some potential Nissan Leaf owners will already have home solar systems installed, or may be buying a green power option from their local supplier.

Via autoblog
2011 Nissan Leaf electric car image CC licensed by mariordo59 

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