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Nearly 90 Percent Of Brazil’s Energy Came From Renewables In 2011

Biomass production in Brazil

According to a new report, 88.8 percent of Brazil’s electricity in 2011 came from renewable energy sources.

Brazil’s Energy Research Company released its National Energy Balance Report, which provides detailed information on the country’s energy use. Wind power was the largest clean energy source, increasing by a whopping 24.2 percent in 2011. This was a result of large sums of money invested in wind power after it became known that wind is the cheapest form of clean energy, even beating natural gas.

Biomass energy from sugarcane contributed less in 2011 than previous years, coming in at 44.1 percent, a number still considerably larger than the overall worldwide average of 13.3 percent.

Brazil’s total energy consumption went up 2.6 percent, which isn’t a bad number considering their exceptional levels of energy cleanliness. Hopefully this data will encourage other countries to follow suit.

via Cleantechnica
Image CC licensed by Land Rover Our Planet: Biomass in Brazil

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  • http://www.hihawaiirealestate.com/ Hawaii Real Estate

    ….now if we can just get them to stop ripping out the rain forest.

  • http://www.the9billion.com/ John Johnston

    Yes, but that has improved quite a bit in recent years. 

  • http://www.hihawaiirealestate.com/ Hawaii Real Estate

     That is really great to hear, but it seems every acre cut is an acre we will never get back as rainforest.  So, even as it continues to a lesser degree it still is a terrible thing.