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Scotland Offers To Sell Water To Drought-Prone England

Loch Loyne – Scotland

It might sound weird to sell water to your neighbor, but when drought is increasing and panic ensues, there aren’t exactly many other options.

This is the deal that’s currently being discussed by the governments of Scotland and England. Southern parts of England were recently in drought before receiving record rainfall. In an attempt to work together and prevent drought from causing too much damage in the future, Scotland has offered to redirect excess rainwater next time the English countryside is suffering.

Scottish Infrastructure Secretary Alex Neil offered help in March when several water companies imposed hosepipe bans in southeast England. Thankfully rainfall occurred in April and has continued enough to lift the bans, but the governments are discussing this now to figure out how to be ready to transfer water in the event this happens again soon.

“I am pleased the UK government has responded positively to our offer,” Nail said regarding the deal. “The south of England continues to face real issues with water supply. Scotland has a plentiful supply of water and superb industry expertise, so it was only right that we offered our assistance.”

It’s nice to see countries working together in situations like this. After all, this could become a frequent discussion between countries as climate change continues to take its toll. This is yet another lesson in why it’s important to always be nice to your neighbors.

via The Independent
Image CC licensed by Paul Hart: Loch Loyne, Scotland

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