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Record-Breaking Heat Waves Sweep Through US Rockies & Plains

High Park Fire – Colorado

Another record-breaking heat wave has broiled through the Rockies and Plains over the past few days, and its making its way to east and southeastern parts of the country. By Friday, 18 states in the east may experience temperatures sweeping past the 100-degree mark.

On Monday afternoon, Denver, CO reached 105 degrees Fahrenheit, its hottest June temperature on record. That also matches its hottest all-time temperature. It hit the 100-degree mark for the 5th consecutive day, tying with the current record. The city has either set or tied record high temperatures 7 times so far this June.

Colorado Springs and western Kansas have also hit record-breaking temperatures over the past week, with Hill City hitting the highest number at 114.

In southeast Texas, Matagorda Bay hit a temperature of 102, the hottest temperature ever in the month of June. Galveston hit 100 for the first time ever in June as well. Several cities in Arkansas broke records as well.

All in all, 107 temperature records were set on Monday in the continental United States. By Thursday, temperatures as high as 105 are expected to hit the Tennessee Valley, and by Saturday, it will reach southern Georgia.

Sounds like it’s going to be another vicious summer of heat.

via Washington Post

Image CC licensed by The National Guard: High Park firs, June 21, 2012. Photo by Sgt. Jess Geffre.
Huge wildfires have been plaguing Colorado this summer, not helped by the extreme heat.

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