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Uber To Offer More Affordable Rides With Hybrid Car Option

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It’s no secret that Uber, the startup company offering on-demand transport at the swipe of your smartphone, did not launch into the market with a very eco-friendly business model. However, according to the The New York Times, starting Wednesday, the company will offer some more eco-friendly, lower-cost options for customers. Uber will offer hybrid car rides, available in New York and San Francisco for just a little more than the price of a cab.

That’s good news considering current Uber rides can cost as much as double the price of a cab. So far, rides have only been available in luxury town cars, a big incentive for customers to pay the extra cost. This new hybrid service is designed to appeal to the mainstream, and to cut down on cost through less gas consumption and more affordable car models.

Current users in San Francisco and New York will be able to choose between a town car or a hybrid, and soon SUV’s will also be available for larger groups. Rates vary according to city, but the cost of a hybrid is expected to be 30 to 40 percent cheaper than the town cars. In San Francisco, hybrids have a $5 base fee with $3.25 a mile after that. Town cars have a $8 base fee and $4.95 a mile after that. Taxis are $3.16 a mile in San Francisco including a 15 percent tip.

Another great way Uber is working to green up a bit is by using their software to detect high-traffic area that Uber users are likely to frequent. This allows drivers to determine the best places to linger, allowing them to pick up customers within minutes of receiving the request.

Uber is a handy tool for neighborhoods where it’s hard to flag down a cab or you want a modernized, cleaner way to get home from the bar. The company has grown significantly with 20 to 30 percent growth per month over the past year, and the number continues to grow. More than 400 drivers are already registered with the company.

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