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Solar-Powered Charger Case For iPhone

Enerplex iPhone solar charger

We’ve seen our fair share of t-shirts, shoes, and even bikinis that can charge your phone with energy accumulated through your activity, but Ascent Solar has come out with a solar-powered iPhone charger that is worn by your phone, not you.

The EnerPlex incorporates Ascent solar cells into a protective case designed for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S along with a thin battery. The case is very light at only 72 grams, but powerful enough to provide up to 170 hours of standby time, 3.5 hours of internet surfing, 5.6 hours of wifi, 19 hours of audio play, and 5.6 hours of video play.

This is the first product to be released by EnerPlex, and is the first iPhone case to use their CIGS solar technology to extend the usage time of a smart phone while maintaining an appealing design quality at high demand. According to Victor Lee, Ascent Solar’s President and CEO, “Apple customers can now incorporate green technology into their everyday life, improving the performance of their smart phone without compromising style.”

The massive growth of the smart phone industry means this could be a good move for green businesses wanting to provide inexpensive products that cut down on energy use and increase consumers interest in solar power.

With over 175 million iPhones sold and smart phone sales expected to hit 1 billion in the next 4 years, this kind of product could become invaluable as people look for ways to improve battery life without using a plug or sacrificing portability. Plus, there’s no way I’m letting a dead battery keep me from Instagram-ing a picture of my lunch.

Do you think a case like this would be beneficial to your lifestyle?

via CleanTechnica

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