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Ford Predicts Self-Driving, Traffic Reducing Cars Will Be Here By 2017

Ford Traffic Jam Assist

According to Ford Motor Company, we’re as little as five years away from experiencing the debut of the first self-driving car.

The technology used in an autonomous car, named Traffic Jam Assist, uses adaptive cruise control, park assist sensors, and lane keep assist to navigate from point A to point B.

Driver safety is obviously the primary benefit and top priority for developers, but the environment may also enjoy a few benefits from self-driving vehicles. Apparently, if 25% of cars on the road use Traffic Jam assist or a similar technology, travel times will be reduced by an estimated 37.5%, with a 20% reduction in delays. This is due to adaptive cruise control, which is better than humans at pacing the car in front of it without continually braking and speeding up.

According to Ford, Traffic Jam Assist works when you’re on a limited access roadway with well-marked lanes and no pedestrians, cyclists, or animals (that you like).

City Safety and Pedestrian Safety, led by Volvo, consist of technology that stops cars in potential accident situations on busy urban streets. So far, City Safety is not continuous self-driving and is a stop-only program.

Ford will be extending the features of Active Park Assist as part of the Traffic Jam Assist vehicles. This will allow cars to go from automatically parallel parking to automatically perpendicular parking as well, with the driver controlling the throttle and brakes.

Driving can be exceptionally stressful with a long commute during rush hour, so it sounds pretty nice to think of a vehicle that allows you to relax a bit and tuck away the road rage. Would you buy a vehicle like this, or do you prefer to be in full control?

via Extreme Tech

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