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Renewable Energy Jobs Growing Rapidly, Contrary To Popular Belief

Workers installing solar panels

There have been a lot of dubious claims from various politicians and media personalities who believe that clean and renewable energy does not and will not provide for the American workforce. They seem suspiciously dedicated to misinforming the public about the very real possibilities of an economy and environment that peacefully coincide.

Thankfully, the American Council on Renewable Energy has created a “fact check” that puts a lot of rumors to rest, providing information and stats on what each industry in the clean energy sector is providing. According to the research, there are at least a million clean energy jobs in the United States, ranging from construction work to lab work and everything in between.

In the first three months of this year, more than 46,000 new jobs arose in the clean energy field. The U.S. wind energy sector has given jobs to over 75,000 people, and the U.S. solar industry has provided more than 100,000 Americans with jobs. There are more than 400,000 workers in the biofuels industry, and at least 200,000 in the hydropower industry.

One statistic that stood out in particular is that the green building sector has 661,000 jobs within it, nearly a third of the design and construction workforce in the U.S.

There you have it. Our renewable energy fields are growing, and they’re providing jobs at an increasing rate as well. As fossil fuels begin to die out, the first being coal, and those workers start looking for new employment, it’s good to know there are a growing number of jobs available in new areas.

via Energy Fact Check

Image CC licensed by Oregon DOT: Workers installing solar panels in Oregon.

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