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New York City Unveils Plan To Develop Tiny ‘Micro’ Apartments

Micro apartment plan

Think you could live in a 300 square foot apartment? If you’re into the idea of smaller living spaces, adAPT NYC, a new project launched by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, may soon have a new home for you.

AdAPT NYC is a design competition aimed at bringing as many tiny apartments to the city as possible. The goal is to engage the private sector and encourage builders to create smart, modern, and small apartment units to accommodate the city’s growing population, that is already over 8 million. If the project goes well, it will cut down on illegal subdivisions in the city and create affordable, smaller housing for singles living alone and couples who don’t need much space.

Nearly 1.8 million households in the city are comprised of one or two people, but there are only one million studios and one-bedroom units available. With the growth of these households expected to rise, more options are needed for New Yorkers who don’t need a lot of room.

The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development is currently accepting proposals for the competition, which calls for micro-unit designs between 275 and 300 square feet in size. The winning design will be turned into a new construction project to take place in Kips Bay, Manhattan.

For the program to happen on this city-owned site, Mayor Bloomberg will waive certain zoning regulations to test out the market. The deadline for submissions is September 14, 2012.

I live in a 570 square foot studio with my boyfriend, and sometimes it’s hard not to complain about the constant upkeep needed and the “everything in its place” attitude we really need but just can’t seem to grasp. When I think of cutting this place in half and living in one of the most bustling cities in the world, I suddenly feel like I’m living in Buckingham Palace.

I think it would be really valuable if more of us cut down on the size of our living space. Not only do you have to force yourself to “live with less” because there isn’t much room for junk and clutter, but over time, you’ll probably realize it’s pretty cozy and enjoyable, and cheap. I think these apartments will be a hit.

Would you live in a 275-300 square foot apartment with your significant other? What’s the smallest space you’ve ever lived in?

via NY Post

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