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First U.S. Commercial Tidal Power Project Launches In Maine

Tidal power turbine

The Ocean Renewable Power Company and Department of Energy have announced the launch of a first of its kind renewable energy project: the TidGen Cobscook Bay project, a commercial, grid-tied tidal power project to take place on Cobscook Bay in Eastport, Maine.

According to Energy.gov, this project has pumped more than $14 million into the local economy and created more than 100 local and supply chain jobs. It will initially generate enough electricity for 75-100 homes. Additional installations will expand the scope to over 1,000 homes and businesses.

The project is also part of Energy.gov’s Wind and Water Power Program, and has received $10 million in federal support.

The Bay of Fundy is known for high tides, with a range of 55.8 feet (17 meters) at Burntcoat Head. It currently holds the record for the world’s largest tidal range, tied with Leaf Basin in Ungava Bay.

I wonder if there are any other world records we could turn into a renewable energy resource?

via CleanTechnica
Images courtesy of Ocean Renewable Power Company (ORPC)

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