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Soapmaker Creates Soap Bottle Made From Pacific Garbage Patch Plastic

Method plastic bottle

For years, scientists have brainstormed ways to chip away at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Sustainable soap company Method has taken matters into its own hands, creating an “Ocean Bottle” for hand and dish soap made from plastic litter found on Hawaiian beaches.

Method has been offering designer eco-friendly soaps for several years, and in 2006 the company created its first 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle. In a partnership with Envision Plastics, a new prototype was created that proved ocean trash had value in the world of resource manufacturing.

Volunteers from Sustainable Coastlines and the Kokua Hawaii Foundation have been gathering litter from beaches throughout Hawaii, recovering more than 3,000 pounds of plastic trash that washed ashore from the so called Great Pacific Garbage patch.

The “Ocean Bottle” is made up of only 10% ocean trash. However, the other 90% is made from other pieces of recycled plastic. Kind of weird to think your soap dispenser could be made of Mountain Dew bottles and potato chip bags from beach tourists around the world.

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